The Weathermen And Their Tight Shirts That Helped Us Get Through Irma.

I haven't been writing too much since the whole #Irmageddon scare.  Living in Fort Lauderdale, it was a big question, do I stay or go? I decided to hop over to New Orleans and ride out the storm, but Irma was still ruling my life.

Glued to the television just about every waking hour, I watched Irma sashay this way and that way and watched the foolish weathermen risking their lives to bring us the news I so desperately wanted to know. Was it my fault they were there because I wanted to be kept aware of what was going on?

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The stress of watching Irma change her dance card across the Atlantic, was lessened a little by the hotties that were risking their lives and their biceps to bring us the weather.  The two that stuck out for me were Chris Cuomo and Gio Benitez.  I am not sure if Chris is family, but we know Gio is.  See if you can follow what they are talking about in this video, that is if you cannot stop saring at those guns and those shoulders.




Chris Cuomo may not be family, but he has no problem taking it to the carpet in defending our rights.

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Our friend Gio Benitez is also a very easy on the eyes reporter that helped us through Irma with a beautiful smile and a well fitting wardrobe.



Did you have someone else that helped you be distracted from Irma while still being informative about the storm?

We'll give Blake McCoy an honorable mention for hurricane coverage.   I didn't see him covering Irma, but he did cover the possibility of effects being felt in New Orleans from Hurricane Harvey. And we didn't see a tight shirt.

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Do you think the news media has found out that we like beefy intelligent men giving us the news? Do they realize that the gay card may mean ratings when it comes to reporters?  Gay men and women will tune in when those shirts get tighter.


What do you think?