Tomi Lahren Boldly Suggests, ‘We Need Guns To Shoot Immigrants!’

Tomi Lahren – FOX News

Fox News ‘Peroxide Bobble-Head Barbie,’ AKA Tomi Lahren, has had to issue quite a few apologies in the short time she’s been on the network’s payroll. Yet, here we are again with another one; this time for hideous comments she made during an appearance on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.”

Let’s go back first, though, to her previous apology from a few weeks ago. The comment she apologized for was so slimy that even her female co-anchors at FOX called her out. In that incident, Lahren claimed that presidential candidate Kamala Harris had “slept her way to the top.” Whether true or not, it was an example of the type of sexual harassment and slut-shaming that women are now taking men to task for so Lahren really was out of line. Moreso it was just disrespectful to Harris who did not even dignify the remake with a response, nor did she need to. Lahren was skewered by the public, prompting her to issue an apology to Harris.

Well, as if that comment about Harris wasn’t tasteless enough, Lahren outdid herself on Fox last Friday while professing her love of guns. During her jumbled distortion of the 2nd Amendment, she shared the grotesque suggestion that we need guns to shoot immigrants before they come across the border.

These words were terribly insensitive for apparent reasons, but especially as we are still dealing with the emotions and pain from the El Paso shooting that targeted immigrants. Lahren’s suggestion that we need to shoot immigrants to stop them from coming across the border is outrageous and appalling.

Immediately, the video clip of Lahren’s blatant hate-fuel advocacy for violence against immigrants went viral. Even Hispanic–American presidential candidate, Julian Castro shared the video on Twitter labeling the content as “disgusting anti-immigrant rhetoric.”

Skewered once again by the public, like clockwork Lahren tried to walk back the comments claiming, “That’s not what I meant.”

Really? Is there some alternative meaning for being ready to shoot immigrants crossing the border?

Check out the full repulsiveness of the story here on The Hill

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