Top 10 RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestant Songs

Drag Race is a behemoth. It has become massively successful, with a rabid fan base. The queens we see every season give us what we want. Drama, looks and vulnerability, everything you want in a reality TV show really.


Although not all winners, some of our favorite contestants have brought out music as part of their empire, and today, we are counting down our top ten favorite Drag Race alumni tracks. Let’s go.

10 – Violet Chachki – Bettie

Who knew Violet had a dark side? Well, all of us really. But this banger kicks off our list. A high concept electroclash number from the season 7 winner, with a great video to boot.


9 – Shea Coulee – Cocky (Feat. Lila Star & the Vixen)

Shea gives us Nicki, she gives us Lil’ Kim, she gives us used to be a Christian fish on this slick rap number. She did the god damn thing. With high production values, Ms. Coulee knows what her core audience wants, audio that fits in with her aesthetic. Cool, calm and cocky.

8 – Laganja Estranja – Legs (Feat. Rye Rye)


A very Robyn-esque banger, Laganja starts at 100 and doesn’t slow down for nobody. An ode to her favorite body parts, she slays with this ditty, and I am shocked and appalled that this hasn’t been featured in a lip sync for your life yet.

7 – Trixie Mattel – Mama Don’t Make Me Put on the Dress Again


Trixie is a different kind of Ru Girl. Instead of going the EDM banger route, she graced us with the thought provoking, heart-breaking Country album ‘Two Birds’, which gave us this lead single, a bouncy, catchy introduction to the fan favorite.

6 – Alaska, Detox, Katya and Roxxxy Andrews – Read U Wrote U

An absolute powerhouse of a song. The only reason this isn’t higher up on the list is because of the last verse. Sorry Roxxxy, but not really. Alaska punches through her verse like she’s been doing this shit since birth, Detox gives us ballsy attitude, and Katya delivers a bizarre Russian moment. Roxxxy is there.


5 – Alaska & Gia Gunn – Stun

Play this at my funeral. Who knew Gia could do more than wonky eyelashes and shade? The two queens complement each other perfectly on this track about being fierce, fish and funny. Far better than it had any right to be!

4 – Adore Delano – I Adore U


There wouldn’t be a top 10 list without Adore. The pop star of the Ru Girls. Incorporating both rap and singing, she is a powerhouse in both, with a beautiful video and sound overall, Adore doesn’t define pop music, pop music is defined by Adore.

3 – Miss Fame – Rubber Doll


More than just a look queen with tape on her face, Miss Fame delivered us one of the best bangers that a Ru Girl has ever come up with. With a beat like elastic, and a great vocal throughout, Fame really outdid a lot of her competitors with this instant classic.

2 – Manila Luzon & Latrice Royale – The Chop

That chorus! This sounds like a full on high budget pop song. Full of sass, class and Latrice’s ass, they not only gave us a pop powerhouse, but sucker punched us into next week with the video. They made us pose, turn and flaunt. Flaunt. Flaunt.


Honorable Mentions

Sharon Needles – Dead Dandelion

Bob the Drag Queen – Purse First


Courtney Act – Body Parts


1 – Tatianna – The Same Parts

Hi God. I just saw God, girl. This song has everything. An aggressive instrumental, vocals dripping in attitude. This piece (this Piece) is THE song to perform. You can give sex, you can give comedy, and you can give beauty. Tatianna gave us everything and more with this song.


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  1. “Adore doesn’t define pop

    "Adore doesn’t define pop music, pop music is defined by Adore." Doesn't that contradict itself? I think the writer meant to write "pop music defines Adore" at the end?


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