Trixie Mattel is All Grown Up

Hot off the festival circuit and the popularity of Trixie Mattel’s documentary Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 will release a new album titled Barbara–a departure from her successful albums Two Birds and One Stone. The album will be a mixture of the folky sound that fans love from Trixie with some more “pop-like” bops. The album drops February 7th, on the heels of a 50-city international tour “Grown Up” that unboxes on February 5th.

Trixie Mattel: One Night Only | YouTube

Also, if you haven’t seen the Moving Parts documentary–turn in your drag fan club card. You’re canceled.

To get fans ready for the new tour and album, Trixie surprised the interwebs in a way that only she can. With a 22-minute comedy and music special, “One Night Only”, Trixie Mattel debuted two new songs from her upcoming album as well as her new single “Malibu”. The entire thing was shot in Trixie’s living room and the audience is made up entirely of her enormous vintage doll collection, batteries not included.

The show is co-written by Daniel Vincent Gordh, who we love from the YouTube series Matt & Dan and co-directed by Daniel Vincent and his brother Will Gordh.




In preparation for the arrival of the Model 3 Trixie Mattel, I got a hold of busy queen as she was jetsetting to some exotic and luxurious place like Plano, TX. Trixie shared more about her upcoming album and tour:

INSTINCT: What made you want to premiere your new music in this way?

TRIXIE MATTEL: I was in my house working on material for my new tour and I had a dead-serious idea of setting up my toys as an audience and plugging in my mic and guitar to simulate a real-show feel. I then connected that idea to the way we all used playthings as a captive audience as a kid. The idea was too weird and too Trixie to pass up.


INSTINCT: How did you start working with Daniel Vincent and Will?

TRIXIE: This is not a joke- Daniel Vincent Gordh and I met on a commercial shoot- he played my love interest in a HIV medicine commercial. Isn’t this how every gay power couple meets?

But seriously, we had an instant connection and a love for all things stupid. 


INSTINCT: How is ‘Barbara’ different from your other albums? 

TRIXIE: This album explores my roots as a lover of power pop. I learned to play guitar listening to Avril, Blink 182, Fountains of Wayne etc. This was a definite revisit of my teen years. Plus living in LA has dosed the record with a feeling of perpetual summer and astro-turf.


INSTINCT: Will we see a different side of Trixie Mattel in “Grown Up”?

TRIXIE: I’ll never admit to this, but Trixie is getting older. I’m a homeowner, I’m partnered, and I just turned 30. This is the the time in my life when you take stock; am I real grown up? Do I feel grown up? The anxiety of adulthood is something work joking about. And singing about! 

Grown Up has the highest hair, the fastest punchlines, and the snappiest tunes. And dick jokes!


Grown Up kicks off February 5th in Seattle, WA and Trixie’s album “Barbara” will be available everywhere February 7th. Get your dose of Trixie anyway you can!



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