Trump Offers Protection To LGBT Community, But From Whom?

Oh yes, I did watch the sweaty orange yell for way too long.  Most of it was more of his shoveling of political promises to 'Merikans in the audience and across the nation.  I had to laugh that he was calling out cynics and critics, but my heart sunk when he talked about removing environmental regulations on energy production in the United States. Make America Grey with smog again?

But what did he say about LGBT citizens?  Yes, he did mention us.  We were inserted within his terrorism rant.  Not domestic policy, health, civil rights, or well being of all citizens, but instead we were placed between the Boston bombing and Iraq.  Here is the excerpt from Trump's draft speech transcript found on the website:

The damage and devastation that can be inflicted by Islamic radicals has been over and over – at the World Trade Center, at an office party in San Bernardino, at the Boston Marathon, and a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Only weeks ago, in Orlando, Florida, 49 wonderful Americans were savagely murdered by an Islamic terrorist. This time, the terrorist targeted our LGBT community. As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBT citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. To protect us from terrorism, we need to focus on three things.

We must have the best intelligence gathering operation in the world. We must abandon the failed policy of nation building and regime change that Hillary Clinton pushed in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria. Instead, we must work with all of our allies who share our goal of destroying ISIS and stamping out Islamic terror. –


As the crowd applauded just after he said "hateful foreign ideology," Trump deviated from his prepared remarks to note the reaction of the audience. "As a Republican, I'm so happy to hear you cheering for what I just said," he said. 

Here is the video from tonight's speech.


Maybe I am one of those cynics he doesn't like, but protecting LGBT American citizens here within our borders from foreign ideology is not the biggest worry LGBT American citizens have.  It is protection from your party, Trump.  It is protection against what you will do with your presidency. And that fear is highlighted with the statement:

"The replacement for Justice Scalia will be a person of similar views and principles. This will be one of the most important issues decided by this election."

Are you more worried about a "radical Islamic terrorist" coming into your gay bar, gay home, gay business or are you more worried about losing some of the humanity we have fought for and earned?  We need protections here and now Mr Trump. Not from foreigners, but from the ideologies within.  Don't dangle protections from terrorism as you slip away with some of our hard earned equalities.

But I guess we should be grateful for just being mentioned.  Many sources are saying that this appears to be the first time a GOP nominee addressed the LGBTQ community at a convention.  Thanks for the shout out … I guess.

What do you think?