Twitter Bot Replaces “God” In Joel Osteen’s Tweets w/ “Your Dick.” Priceless.

Even God approves of this new kind of fun. Can we make fun of a multi millionaire that pulls so much money from his sheep followers to help bathe himself in luxury? Oh yes we can.  Well, we didn't make the fun, but we can laugh along.

Some random genius out there decided to use the phrase ‘your dick’ to blasphemously troll Olsteen. The bot is named Joel Dongstein and, next to R2-D2, might just be God’s favorite robot of all time.

Here are some that we chose to share, from @JoelDongsteen , starting off with a message from God.












h/t: @JoelDongsteen,

2 thoughts on “Twitter Bot Replaces “God” In Joel Osteen’s Tweets w/ “Your Dick.” Priceless.”

  1. I’m sure his church pays for

    I'm sure his church pays for his mansion and luxury cars and lunch meetings and luxury trip meetings and private jet traveling meetings you dumb ass sheep follower.


  2. Did you know he doesn’t take

    Did you know he doesn't take a paycheck from the church?  He earns his money from his books 


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