Two San Diego Trump Delegates Believe Gays ‘Can Be Cured’

It's unfortunate when you hear an intelligent friend out himself / herself as a Trump supporter.  You can justify people you don't know being a TP voter usually since you can just say they're idiots.  And then there are the Log Cabin Republicans.  It's time to jump ship boys.  We know you support the republican military and economic stances, but when you hear of what your republican delegates truly believe  … in regard to your lifestyle CHOICE, it's time to go.


— Two of Donald Trump’s delegates from San Diego run a political organization that claims homosexuality results from childhood sexual abuse by gays. But there are, the delegates say, therapeutic treatments for gay people, and that homosexuality “can be cured.”

The views of husband and wife team John and Donna Woodrum espoused through their Eagle Forum come to light just before the Republican National Convention opens in Cleveland.

They aren’t the first Trump supporters with controversial views. In May, another potential Trump delegate was discovered to be a white nationalist who leads the American Freedom Party, a group that says it “represents the interests and issues of European-Americans.”

The Woodrums’ stance is controversial among many Republicans, and puts them in disagreement with at least one of Trump’s closest allies, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. In 2013, Christie signed into a law a bill that bans gay conversion therapy.

Other Trump supporters embrace conversion therapy. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Trump’s vice presidential pick, said during his run for Congress in 2000 that government “resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

The GOP’s recently developed platform for the national convention also supports conversion therapy.

The Woodrums’ website for the San Diego chapter of the Eagle Forum espouses what are widely regarded as extreme theories.

“Where does homosexuality come from? Early childhood sexual abuse,” the website states.

“Children can be attacked by sexual predators when they’re still in diapers in their cribs,” it continues. “The sexual act is so powerful, when committed often enough and charged with enough psychological energy, it could alter a growing child’s sexual identity.”

The website contends that identity can be changed. “Homosexuality is a disorder that can be cured — prior to 1973 every psychiatrist in the US knew this,” it says.

Conversion therapy consists of programs that attempt to change the sexual orientation of gay people. The therapy has been widely discredited by the mainstream medical community and homosexuality is not recognized by mental health professionals as a


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Should this be the straw that breaks the camel's back for the Log Cabin Republicans?

Do you believe there are just a handful of Trumpster delegates out there that believe this? 

Do you feel that there is a direct correlation to Republican Senators and Representatives that believe the same thing?








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  1. Oh sure, and I can turn into

    Oh sure, and I can turn into a vampire bat at will!  When will these damned fundamentalists learn?


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