Ty Herndon Releases New Album And Debuts Powerful ‘FIGHTER’ Video

There’s coming out and then there’s singing it from the rooftops.  Back in November 2014 we shared Country Music Star Ty Herndon Comes Out As Gay. Since then, Ty’s been busy putting together a new album which he released in November 2016, two years after his rebirth.

From his Facebook Page we get one of the first videos covering one of the new songs from his album “House On Fire.”  Ty also states:


WARNING- The version of this video contains strong and disturbing images. I wanted to share this version of the video #FIGHTER with you guys. We did this powerful imagery for my performance The Trevor Project Trevor Live. Some of you may find it disturbing. I know i certainly did.

Most of you know me as a country singer. I am also a man who believes in the power of love not hate. And I often sing about it. When I was first approached about using these images, I rejected it. Then after much thought and prayer I realized that this is the truth for many young LGBTQ youth in the world today. I see it often when I travel around making appearances for organizations like GLAAD Human Rights Campaign LA Pride Dallas Pride ChicagoPride.com & so many more.

It is my greatest prayer that we can all stand together and love one another- No matter what color or shape our spots are. I know this one fact clearly- from my own journey- None of us are perfect. As my Maw Maw use to say, We are all just beautiful messes.

So be strong and journey on with a big open heart – And pay it forward with grace- knowledge and love. Just a reminder that all proceeds from the download of this song go towards The Trevor Project.


Yes, it is hard to watch because of the imagery.  Let’s see what you think.



What are your thoughts? Are you ready to hear more from the out and proud artist?

Ty Herndon’s new album is available at https://itun.es/us/fmAhfb

What do you think?