Video Released Of Indonesian Men Receiving Their Caning / Punishment For Having Intercourse.

Buzzfeed has released a video compilation covering the Indonesian arrest, trial, and punishment of two men charged and convicted of having sexual intercourse.

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Gay Couple Arrested For Having Sex Face Up To 100 Lashings

It is a hard video to watch, but it is necessary to see how LGBTers are being mistreated all over the world.  Yes, this pales in comparison to be made to board the plane last with your family.  Both are mistreatments, but there are extremes to this mistreatment that need to stop.

Here is the BuzzFeed News video that once again, contains more than just the canings.



Both apologized for their actions and had 15 lashes removed from the maximum sentence.

It is sad that we need to apologize for our happiness, our living, our lives, our love. 

Is viewing this view in poor taste?  Buzzfeed did a great job on compiling the video.

What may be of interest is one media site live streamed the video on Facebook to the likes and loves of many.

Serambi TV, a media/news company in Indonesia, live streamed the whole flogging on its Facebook page. The Facebook page has over 110,000 likes/followers. The live stream showed a man wearing a white dress standing on a platform with his head bowed down, while another man in a black robe could be seen flogging him. A huge crowd too had gathered around the area to witness it.

Facebook live stream has been used recently to broadcast many violent episodes lately, for which the social media giant has come under sever criticism. In one such incident, several teenage boys in Chicago live-streamed the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. In another incident, a man live streamed killing his 11 month old daughter, before committing suicide himself. In all these cases, Facebook was criticised for having allowed such violent acts being broadcast live, and the videos were accessible to people for a number of days before they were taken down.

Update: This writer had reported the live stream for violent content using Facebook’s tools, and received a message from Facebook that the video does not violate its community standards and instead received a suggestion from Facebook to block or unfollow the Serambi TV page. –



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