Watch A Clip From Outfest Winning Film “The Wound”

During this year’s Sundance, there were several LGBTQ themed films and web series. Some of which we’ve already heard of, talked about on Instinct, and are impatiently looking forward to with release dates coming later this year.

Some such movies are Call Me By Your Name about the love between a young academic, played by Armie Hammer, staying at a researcher’s/mentor’s Italian home for the Summer, and the 17-year-old son of the mentor, played by Timothée Chalamet.

The other that we’ve recently talked about is God’s Own Country, which follow’s Josh O’Connor’s character. The lonely shepard feel’s unfulfilled and tries to drown that out by drinking and having sex constantly. However, things change when a Romanian migrant worker, played by Alec Secareanu, starts to work for him. The two then enter a complicated yet loving relationship.

But now we’re excited to show you a new clip for one of the other LGBTQ themed movies that were shown during Sundance this year.

Credit: Urucu Media

The Wound is a South African film by John Trengove.

The story is a coming-of-age story of sorts, but one that Western movie-govers have never seen before.

It follows factory worker Xolani (played by Touré), who has to guide young Kwanda through an age-old rite of passage into manhood. While doing this, Kwanda goes through the trial of discovering and understanding himself while also understanding Xolani’s sexuality.

The film debuted at Sundance and then went further to Outfest where it won the jury prize. Now, the film is opening today at the Film Forum in NYC before opening at the Laemmle Royal in L.A. on September 8th.

Check out the clip down below.

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