WATCH ‘Jóvenes Inocentes’ a Spanish Film About the Corruption and Exploitation of Young Men

Jóvenes Inocentes (Young Innocents) is a haunting short film dealing based on the Spanish novel series by the same title, written by David González. It deals with the corruption and darkness that is sex trafficking and exploitation.

The short film is adapted and directed by Gónzalez, who wrote the original novel about Mark, an attractive young man who dreams of becoming a famous actor. His desire guides him to the home of a ‘producer’ who wants to give him his first opportunity, but this soon turns into a nightmare from which Mark cannot wake up.

Jóvenes Inocentes was banned and censored in many areas of Europe because of its graphic content, but the film has gotten much praise in spite of its topical dealings. It has been nominated for best short film in festival categories across Latin America and the film’s lead, Victor Rebull, is getting much attention for his portrayal of Mark.

David Gónzalez’ previous film, CHAPERO, encountered many obstacles because of its graphic content, being censored on YouTube and other platforms.

Currently, the Jóvenes Inocentes trilogy is under consideration for becoming a television series by Argentinian Mulata Films.

Check out the entire short film below. It’s not completely NSFW, but viewer discretion is advised:


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