Watch Zac Efron Wax Another Man’s Nether Region

Zac Efron sure has been getting himself into some interesting situations lately.

Earlier this week, he talked about his first experience kissing a man in his new movie with Dwayne Johnson.

And now this week he’s giving another man a pubic wax job?

You read the right, Zac Efron was filmed helping another man wax his pubes and its just as weird, funny, and oddly intimate as you think it would be.

Specifically, in order to do some publicity for Baywatch, Zac appeared on the Australian Footy Show. During an appearance on Australia’s Footy Show.

In the episode, Zac was paired off with Alexandria Daddario and tasked with giving the show’s host and, former rugby player Beau Ryan, a full body wax.

Apparently, this isn’t totally a first for Efron as he’s been on the receiving end of many waxing treatments (which he prefers to call his “back, crack, and Zac” waxes), but this experience was definitely a first for all the people involved.

If you want to check out the scene, click to see the video here.

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