Well, tucking that must have been fun.

Pearl's oysters have seen the light of day … and a camera lens.

Is it news? Is it Fashion?  Nope, but we have to release some steam every so often.

And apparently some pics need to be "leaked" once in a while, too.

When NSFW pics pop up of a recent television personality, do we take the word "leaked" with a grain of salt?  Pearl, from this last season's Ru Paul's Drag Race, just has his pics "leaked." 

Thanks to the boys over at ANTITWINK.COM for organizing them for us in one nice place. 

will the carpet match the drapes?

oh, we're supposed to look at your face now?

I agree.

uh huh,  sure.

thanks for the casual pic but where's that smile?

If you've scrolled this far, you're not looking for his smile.

Here's the link to ANTITWINK's Pearl cover page


Here's the link directly to their tumblr page with the NSFW pics.

6 thoughts on “Well, tucking that must have been fun.”

  1. Wow… I wasnt expecting him

    Wow… I wasnt expecting him to be so hairy. Those legs and that bush… Thought drag queens Would have been as smooth as silk.

  2. He Is So Cute ! And Dang On

    He Is So Cute ! And Dang On his Private !!!  But if you take those kind of Pic's ,You did it for a Reason. Just Saying 

  3. It’s always so hard to say…

    It's always so hard to say… So many people just put their photos out there for more attention. But then, others really do get their photos leaked for real. What a lucky guy he is, physically!! Wow! … I just hope that he really did want these photos leaked. If not, I feel awful for supporting his humiliation. ….But, he may have wanted it leaked. …Hard to say! 


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