What Hunky Celebrity are We Crushing On at the Moment?

The great thing about society (for the most part), is that we all have our own individual thoughts and minds when it comes to what we like and desire.  This of course, includes the men that we find attractive, not only in our lives, but in the entertainment world as well.

Let's face it: Hollywood has a ton of smoking hot guys that we are crushing on right now.  They run the gamut in terms of looks, charisma, personality and so much more that can make them an instant turn on.  Question is… who are we liking the most in 2017?

I recently polled a bunch of my friends that question, and the variety of answers that I got were simply delicious. 

Answer yourself this question, Instinct Magazine readers, who are you crushing on in 2017?  Let us know!



Chris Hemsworth


@adidas #giftedbyadidas #thepulseof Green Bay #threestripes

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Aaron Rodgers



Chris Pratt




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Idris Elba/Tom Hardy



Kyle Bornheimer


New handle

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Kevin Owens



Vin Diesel



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Jake Gyllenhaal


Jason Momoa


HERO. LEGEND. KING. Watch the teaser trailer in bio! #BlackPanther #Killmonger

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Michael B. Jordan



James Corden



Luke Evans

Wentworth Miller

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