Which Other Female Superheroes Deserve Their Own Film?

Which Other Female Superheroes Deserve Their Own Film?

Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman Prove Females Are Our Saviors

#GIRLPOWER! Have you seen the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s (MCU) latest record breaking film, Captain Marvel? If you’re a fan of any superhero films, you already know there are very far and few between female led superhero films that have exceeded expectations and won over audiences. During my youth, I was disappointed to see Halle Berry fail in Catwoman and Jennifer Gardner‘s Elektra was so lack luster. Through the years, we’ve seen bad ass female superheroes throughout the MCU. While we can look forward to female led films Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), X-Men’s all powerful character, Dark Phoenix (Sophie Turner), and an animated television series The Vision and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), we can currently marvel (get it?!) to Brie Larson as the MCU’s reigning leading lady. Yes, Captain Marvel is on the tip of everyone’s tongues and we’re flipping the bills to see it. I got my superhero fix this weekend after seeing the film and was in awe by the incredible effects, power of friendship, and witnessing how much we do need her as our hero. We can anticipate to see Captain Marvel’s return in Avengers: Endgame this May, but can we please talk about the other female superheroes who obviously deserve their own MCU movie?! Check out my picks below:


Obviously, Storm checks off a lot of boxes audiences want to see. She’s a woman of color who is one of the most powerful X-Men in comic book lore. She can control weather and atmosphere, so we would have arguably one of the most visibly stunning films. With the ultimate dominating success of Black Panther, we could even get introduced to more African culture and even get a tie in with T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) himself. If Storm is not at the top of everyone’s list for her own film, I’d be a little baffled. 



I think most superhero fans are in agreement that Rogue (played brilliantly by Anna Paquin) was completely shaded during the entire X-Men film franchise. The tough as nails southern belle was turned into a meek, weak minded girl who was boy crazy and wanting to get rid of her powers. While Paquin did great with the dirt script she was given, Rogue still doesn’t feel complete. If you’re a fan of X-Men, you’ll know Rogue eventually becomes who we’ve seen in the famous animated series by stealing Captain Marvel’s powers indefinitely. She’s a villain who could easily transition into being everyone’s favorite anti-hero…and could can Larson if she ever chooses to hang up her suit and move onto a different film franchise. Rogue has the ability to steal/absorb anyone’s superhuman abilities by touch, which makes her compelling because she can never have physical contact with another person. As a young gay kid, I empathized with Rogue because I always wanted to be close with other, you know, boys. She is by far a fan favorite and deserves some justice.



Simbora que o ano começou.

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Ahh, yes. How can we forget about Dazzler and the many rumors how Lady Gaga has supposed to been playing her for years! With Gaga’s recent theatrical success, she would essentially be playing a version of A Star Is Born‘s Ally, with the ability to convert sound into various forms of light. Why? Because she’s a pop star who is a mutant. I mean, she kind of writes herself and we, the proverbial “we” AKA Gaga’s Little Monsters, would pay obscene amounts of money to ensure this film hits number one at the box office. A Dazzler film would be like bringing every gay boy’s dream of Gaga and Studio 54 together. This film should be weighing heavily on any executive’s minds! 

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl could easily give us a film that’s easy going and very, don’t-take-it-too-seriously in the vein of MCU’s Ant-Man. She’s one for the young crowd, but has been gaining attention in later years due to her many depictions, including being an overweight, freckled young adult. If that version of Squirrel Girl was included into the MCU, I’m sure the inclusion would be incredibly popular among a young audience to keep them tuning in for more. I’m quite aware many would complain over the inclusion, for some reason, but to see a thick-bodied, redheaded girl kicking some butt and talking with squirrels…yeah, I’d be an immediate fan. I’d probably get her damn Funko!

Black Cat

Arguably one of my favorite Spiderman anti-heroes, Black Fat AKA Felicia Hardy is one too often underrated and ignored. She made an appearance in the recent Spiderman game, but only came in Easter eggs and in downloadable content you had to pay extra for. Yes, she’s essentially a rip off of DC’s Catwoman, but if anyone could do a feline right, it’s the MCU. I mean, hey, did you not see how they turned Captain Marvel’s cat, Goose, into a household name!? He was one of the best parts of that film! Black Cat would not only have to incorporate the hottest, and current, Spiderman (Tom Holland), but would extend his particular story line for years to come.

Which female superheroes do you believe should lead the next MCU films?! Let me know!

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