Who Deserves To Be Time’s “Person of the Year”?

Who Deserves To Be Time’s “Person of the Year”?

Who From The LGBTQ Community Is Worthy Of The Title?

Recently, we’ve reported Donald Trump claiming he’s Time Magazine’s Person of The Year 2017.  A loud groan took over America as we all knew this wasn’t true – it was even confirmed by the magazine itself. Time’s Person of the Year is typically well-anticipated, especially now with the controversy. I know there are plenty of media outlets who are ready to flame Trump after the Person is announced. We will have to wait until December 6th to find out who was the chosen one. Until then, we can speculate. I may think George Glass should be Time’s Person of the Year, since you know – it’s essentially nobody. However, I began digging into the last trending topics of the latest year. Are any of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters worthy of the title? And no, no one who is friendly with Kevin Spacey or other Hollywood predators will be included in this list and should forever be removed from the Gay Hall of Fame. In the meantime before December hits, check out a few of those I deem worthy of Time’s iconic title below:

Please keep in mind that Time awards their title specifically on the definition of: “defined by the weekly as "a person (or people) who has had the most influence over the news in the last 12 months."

Rose McGowan


You may call Rose McGowan a whistleblower, but if it wasn’t for her voice, we may not have seen the destruction of so many powerful men in Hollywood. While McGowan didn’t start the revolution, she certainly gave it a face.

Rachel Maddow


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It’s no surprise that Rachel Maddow’s new show became the most watched in cable. To this day, Maddow, a fierce lesbian, gives her perspective into politics and is a role model for progressives nationwide. She, and her ratings, seemingly won’t stop until Trump is buried.

Kathy Griffin


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Oh, Kathy Griffin. Griffin, this year should have been yours! She released a new book, was making everyone laugh with her constant Trump-disses, oh she was just the best. Soon, after she released a photograph holding up a gory, Trump-like head; the world turned on her. Hell, even some of the gays left her when she gave us a voice in the first place. Regardless, Griffin was one of this year’s headliners. Her behind the scene story telling continues to hold her in high regard. Griffin will always be a trending topic.

Janet Mock


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Is there anyone better to represent the Transgender community than Janet Mock?! Mock hit the talk show run and has proved that she is a better candidate to speak on Transgender activism than the one who was shoved down our throats, Caitlyn Jenner, and has made leaps and bounds for her community. Mock may have been under people’s radar, but I expect her to be a trending topic in the year to come. Trust me!

Anthony Rapp


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As a young, gay, go-getter in Hollywood who has been enthralled with uncovered secrets lasting from before I was even a thought in my mother’s mind – Anthony Rapp has said what thousands before him want to speak upon. Never in my life did I imagine Kevin Spacey and other powerful men in Hollywood would reap what they’ve sewn. The same-sexual allegations in Hollywood have yet to begin. Rapp will be one of the LGBTQ voices who revolutionize the Entertainment Industry.

RuPaul Charles


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RuPaul Charles has been someone I’ve admired for years. Now, he has become a household name with RuPaul’s Drag Race and celebrated his marriage. Oh, yes, and talk about an Emmy winner! RuPaul is a winner in our eyes, it would be fantastic to see Time give him the credit he deserves. Not for being a reality show host or even a celebrity, but being a figure of hope: To never give up.

Who do you believe should be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?

What do you think?