Who the F is the 10th Queen on ‘All Stars 3?’

As the new year looms, one thing is definitely inevitable: it will be the draggiest year for RuPaul's Drag Race yet, henny.

RPDR is expected to be on for most of 2018, with the announcement that All Stars 3 will be premiering in the winter (we are hoping for sometime in January) which will then follow the 10th season premiere in the spring.

Back in late October, RuPaul hosted a special on VH1 that revealed 9 of the 10 queens competing on All Stars 3.  The list (in no order) is Shangela, BenDeLaCreme, Trixie Mattel, Milk, Morgan McMichaels, Thorgy Thor, Aja, Kennedy Davenport and Chi Chi Devayne.  

So who is this mysterious 10th queen, and why haven't they been revealed to the public as of yet?  Diehard fans have been swirling the Reddit pages for quite sometime now with their own thoughts on who the 10th queen will be.  Based on that, here are the ones they (and I) think could be the 10th queen to enter the famous "werk" room.



Some biological woman stole my phone and keeps taking pictures of herself.

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Darienne Lake: According to a popular Reddit thread, it was alleged that Darienne was spotted during the first episode taping.  Is the reason for why she isn't being revealed to spark up her beef with fellow Season 6 queen BenDeLaCreme? 



I’m a lil phag hag.

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Willam: She is one of the shows most controversial figures they have ever had, however she would be a dynamite addition to AS3.  She denied back in June that she would be part of it, however… come on.  We've been waiting for her return for years now.  



Sweating all my makeup off in Maceió, Brazil

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Adore Delano: After quitting All Stars 2, Ru openly gave her an invitation to do All Stars 3 during the reunion episode in late 2016.  During her part of the reunion, she was teary eyed for most of it and blamed herself for leaving, even though she was going through some intense stuff at the time.  Could this be redemption for her to come back and make it all the way to her crowning moment? 



Bebe Zahara Benet:  Even though she was the original winner, there have been tons of rumors on Reddit that Bebe is the 10th queen.  But, why?  A lot of fans believe this doesn't make any sense, as All Stars are designed for queens who were memorable but didn't win, giving them a second chance to a certain degree.  Do they feel they have another 'Tatiana' moment on their hands and they are revitalizing a queen's career who many new fans may not know> 

Who do you think is the 10th queen? 

What do you think?