Will & Grace Produces Best Episode Yet of Their Reboot

It's been an interesting and hilarious slow build for the Will & Grace reboot.  The first episode was one that I could've done without, as the political humor in it fell flat in so many ways.  The second episode became a reminder of what made this show so fantastic in its original run.  The third episode showed how strong this group can be when they work off their strongest counterpart (Will/Grace, Jack/Karen), and this episode brings it home in so many ways that I'm truly thrilled this show is back for a while.

Let's get the somewhat "bad" stuff out of the way.  What made this episode so fantastic was the Will/Jack storyline.  The Grace/Karen stuff was a bit of a throwaway (and becoming a bit redundant, I might add).  This was probably filmed before the whole Harvey Weinstein awfulness, as Grace yells at Karen to stop sexually harassing their younger employee, only for Grace in the end to brush up against him and remember what it feels like to feel a man's touch.  Yes, her singing is funny.  That's about it though.

As for the Will/Jack portion, the episode opens pretty much to a door opening where a boy asks if Jack is home.  The boy's name is Skip, and he turns out to be the son of Elliot, who is the son of Jack.  In other words, "Grandpa Jack" is in full effect, and Will has no problem laying into him about said truth.  It's hysterical.

They also suspect that Skip is one of them, as he expertly lands the "Pajama Party position" onto the couch. 

Evidently, Jack and Elliot had a huge falling out for reasons unknown in the beginning of the episode, but it becomes pretty clear why when Skip tells him that he has to go to a camp called "Straighten Arrow."  It seems a if the reason for them falling out was due to Elliot's wife Emma's conservative views.  This is where the show gets political in all the right reasons as conversion camps sadly still exist to this day.   

They touched on this subject back in season 2 of the original series, with Neil Patrick Harris being the ringleader of a "Welcome Home" club which sets to "cure" homosexuals when the whole thing just turned out to be a gay meet and greet.  Even though that was done with some funniness (remember Jack and Karen making out?) this one was done on a much more serious and necessary note.

Will and Jack go to Straighten Arrow where the two "camp" leaders (Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells) are essentially teaching the kids there that gay is bad.  Side note: there is a photo of Vice President Mike Pence.  Aah… hilarious but sad. 

Yes, Jane and Andrew are funny even if it's scary that s**t like this happens, but the best part of the episode is when Jack pulls Skip aside and says "This place can’t fix you, because you’re not broken."  Also that Skip’s parents may not understand him, but “Grandpa Jack” always will. It's an incredibly vital point that hopefully will hit for so many people at home who are struggling with coming out.  

Elliot and Emma eventually come around by the end of the episode and Jack patches things up with his son.  I wish this would be the case for so many families across the world, and hopefully this episode will change the conversation in at least one household.  

What did you think about this episode?


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