Will this be your new favorite web series?


Looking lost me as a fan before it ended. I think the sour taste it left in my mouth was the reason I haven't given Cucumber or Banana a chance.  Maybe I need a break from gay oriented television drama and go back and examine some of the web series that are out there. For this, I will need your help.

I'd like to thank Gay Times Magazine for pointing this new web series out to me. Taking place in San Francisco, Paper Boys is the story of … well, I'm not sure yet.  Will it be about Cole finding himself and love?  Will it be about Daren losing love, but finding himself, too?  So yeah, they're "Looking" for themselves, but this one has a little bit of magical twist that is easy to swallow.

Currently there are only two episodes out there and they're hoping to make more.  The webisodes are short, but that's what a web series is usually made up of, short videos that match our attention spans. 

As mentioned, there are only 2 episodes at this time with a Kickstarter to fund future episodes.  So watch, but if you get hooked and the new episodes don't occur, don't come yelling at me.





Wait, what, no sex?  No drug use?  No social "dating" apps?  Are we sure this is gay?  It's actually a breath of fresh air to just be simply entertained.  I'll watch the next episodes, if they happen and being gay oriented, I am sure the sex, apps, and other common topics of our lives will be included.  I guess I should go over to their Kickstarter  and make a donation.  You can learn a little more about what they are looking to do with the series there, too.

So are you hooked? Not worth your time?  If it they make more, you'll watch, but you won't go out of your way? We all have our own taste in entertainment.  If Paper Boys isn't for you , what web series are?  Do you have a favorite one that I can binge watch on a rainy summer day here in Florida?  Either post your likes here or go back to this blog entry on Facebook and give your choice of web series a shout out.  Maybe we can help some other quality shows get a little more attention, a little more followers, and who knows, one may turn into the next successful offering on cable tv.

What do you think?