Woman’s Hysterical Rant With a Hot Cop is a MUST SEE!

When we get pulled over, there's always been that fantasy of the cop being super hot right?  Like how Rachel did it to "Officer Handsome" in that episode of Friends when she had to drive all the way to New Jersey to correct her baby's cake?  Anyone? 

Well, that situation did happen to a comedian by the name of Jennifer Jermany got pulled over by an insanely hot cop, and her rant is nothing short of spectacular to say the least.  Her friend caught the whole thing on camera.  Great friend!

He goes through the standard procedure, which in turn Jennifer decides to get out of the car and thank the officer for being so handsome… err gracious.  Then she loses it and its pure hilarity.

"See if the police department hired more hot police officers, we wouldn't have violence anymore!" BAHAHHA.  See below and enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Woman’s Hysterical Rant With a Hot Cop is a MUST SEE!”

  1. Now, if the officer was a

    Now, if the officer was a woman and the "detained" person male, we would be having a different conversation about this video. Funny as it is to me, it shows the double standard.

    • I’m not so sure. It would all

      I'm not so sure. It would all depend on the attitude of the female police officer.  This male officer could have been a total tool and called her disrespectful and inappropriate, but did not. 

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