Woof, Grr and Stuff: 5 Bear Celebrities That we Are Totally Crushing On

Bear culture has come a long way since the new millennium, as we have pushed our way into the mainstream in music, movies, television and more.  Because of that, an appreciation for our variety of figures (muscular, beefy, husky, otter, etc) has become a lot more noticeable both in and out of entertainment.  

Several male stars, gay straight and in between, have found a good amount of success not only with their talent but also with their bear-related looks that has definitely caught the eye of all types of people who enjoy the furrier kinds of guys that roam our earth.  So if you are a bear aficionados like myself, then this piece truly is for you.

Here are five bear celebrities that you'll definitely want to cozy up with when the weather gets super cold.  Grr and stuff.

John Gemberling: Actor and Comedian



Mike Flanagan: Chart-topping Jazz Artist



Kevin James- Actor and Comedian



Tonight, Me vs. Jimmy in an epic battle… Love him. @fallontonight @jimmyfallon

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Kevin Owens: WWE Wrestler



Beautiful Picture Is So Good @karinaleilasteen @fightowensfight #Kevinowens

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Chris Pratt: Actor



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