Would you block all mention of Bieber and the Kardashians if you could? Here’s how.

While driving home yesterday in the northbound lane, there was a car fire in the southbound lane.  Of course, rubberneckers slowed the northbound progression to a halt, delaying me and the other hundreds of people trying to escape Miami at 5 PM on a Friday.  That's sometimes how I feel about the Kardashians and Justin Bieber.  There are too many senseless people giving time, space, and air to these attention whor-ibble excuses for stars.  Yes, I do think Justin is talented and I do not mind most of the time, but when antics are done just to get attention, eyes cannot roll fast enough. 

So how do we speed things up on the internet superhighway?  How do we unclog the mess and go by what we don't want to see?  Is there a way to get rid of any mention of these less than desirables?

There’s a new app that blocks any mention of the KARDASHIANS from the  Internet for you.


It’s called KardBlock, and its makers say, quote, “If there’s anything on your newsfeed, the website you’re on, whatever . . . we simply make it disappear.


“You won’t ever know the stories about the Kardashians are there, because you won’t ever see them.” – power96.com

James Shamsi and Chameleon.la are also working on an app that blocks JUSTIN BIEBER . . . although that already exists and was created back in 2010.  How did we not know about it!?!

 Justin Bieber is everywhere. And if you're like so many others over the age of 15, you've seen enough. Luckily, a …  Firefox add-on lets you remove all mentions of Bieber from the Web in one fell swoop.

The tool, dubbed Shaved Bieber, evaluates any page a person is browsing and censors all mentions of the teen idol. It works on every site, from Twitter to Google to Wikipedia. People can even go to his personal home page and watch as every mention of Bieber is blocked out.

Shaved Bieber is available in two versions: an add-on, which does all the Bieber removal itself, or a bookmarklet, which requires a person to click on it before it hides mentions of the pop star. The tool also censors photos labeled "Bieber" or "Justin Bieber," so users don't even have to look at him. – cnet.com

So are KardBlock and Shaved Bieber on your list of must have add ons?  Click on their names to go to their perspective websites.
Who else should they look at making an app to block? 
Hopefully not FOX News, I mean, we all need a good laugh once in a while.

What do you think?