Yippee! Here’s Chris Hemsworth Shirtless and Working Out

Chris Hemsworth is the dreamiest of dream boats out there.

The 6'3 Aussie hunk has given us tons of reasons to ogle over him for several years now, however his latest video that he just posted may be his most drool-worthy yet. 

We have seen the Thor: Ragnarok actor in various states of undress, admiring Chris Pratt's amazing rack and even doing an incredible rendition of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball". This time around… he's working out in a very sweaty manner. Shirtless. 

He posted a video on his Instagram account Friday which showed him sparring off, boxing style, with another dude while working up a sweat on his perfectly chiseled body. From the caption of said post, it looks like he's training for the upcoming Men in Black spinoff given that he uses "MIB" in it. The yummy vid for that can be found here.

Some of the thirst-worthy comments included:

You’re so hot omg.

sweet jesus

Please just punch me in the throat.

Keep these clips coming Chris. Seriously. 



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