Perez Hilton Doesn’t Want Son To Be Gay!

Perez Hilton Doesn’t Want Son To Be Gay!

The Blogger Refuses To Involve Son In Flamboyant Hobbies!

#GROAN! Okay, seriously where to begin? This next story has all of the ingredients: Gay children, Same-sex parents, and gossip queen, Perez Hilton; to cause a stir. First, let me preface this article by stating I actually respect Hilton for his hustle. Hilton started off his career with a bang. Following around celebrities in Hollywood then gossiping about them? Genius. Putting them on a blog- which was virtually unknown – or not popular – brilliant! Connecting himself to one of the most powerful last names of the early 2000s by calling himself Hilton – you’re an evil mastermind. Seriously, he’s truly soared above and beyond in the Entertainment world. There was a point where Hollywood was literally treating him with credibility; as well they should have. If he wasn’t so controversial and calmed himself down; I think he may be a lot bigger than he is. I’m not saying he’d have his own show or anything, that was never in his cards. But, I could see him as a regular judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, something like that. I completely prefer him over someone like Andy Cohen, who does exactly what Hilton has already accomplished- but bigger bucks led Cohen to a bigger platform so he could do it better…and is a smidge more attractive. That’s just life. I digress…

One of the many reasons Hilton continues to receive eye rolls and lit torches in his comment section - wait, why don’t we have a lit torch emoji yet?! – is because he is constantly throwing wrenches into the LGBTQ community. He is super visible – dare I say mainstream – and knows how to throw a punch to upset anyone. It’s his schtick as much as hot topics are to Wendy Williams. This time, he’s posted a video claiming he doesn’t want his son to be gay. Which now is causing an uproar because as we’re all aware, being gay isn’t a choice!

Anyway, Hilton goes on to mention he refuses to enroll his 5-year-old son in a dance class…because the boys who are enrolled tend to end up being gay. He somehow backtracks, telling he will love his son no matter what, but until his son demands to be in the creative realm, he’s going to stray him away from it in fear of growing up flamboyant. I cannot argue with Hilton, because I’m not a parent. I’ll definitely say I’m listening, but I can’t help but feel a parent shapes their child’s world: If you can afford to show your child everything, why wouldn’t you?

How do you feel about Hilton’s beliefs?

Check out the controversial video of Hilton’s ramble below:



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Demi Lovato Faces Off Against Perez Hilton…AGAIN!


Demi Lovato Faces Off Against Perez Hilton…AGAIN!

But, Is Hilton Actually In The Right?

SHADE! Alright, so everyone knows the infamous, Perez Hilton. Hilton, whether you like it or not, is arguably one of the most recognized LGBTQ Celebrities in existence. He took the modern, digital era by the balls and came out on top. Seriously, he started a gossip blog about celebrities which through branding and popularity gained him a wee-little star and he’s been glorified with guest appearances on television shows like Chelsea Lately, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Glee. He’s never bothered me as much as other people tend to drag him. He has always reminded me of the gossipy gay who is somehow in every circle of friends…just, he’s in the media. He doesn’t show any signs of fading away anytime soon; especially when he continues to get into quarrels with other Celebrities like Disney Princess, Demi Lovato.

Although I didn’t necessarily forget, Buzzfeed reminded me Hilton and Lovato have previously gotten into a cat fight over his commentary on Mariah Carey shading the hell out of Lovato by stating she doesn’t know who she is (LOL!). This perhaps could be the best parodied fight in Celebrity Deathmatch. Which animated-clay figurine will win?! Anyway, Lovato, who is a wonderful anti-bully advocate, decided to toss some more fuel into their feud fire by calling out Hilton for attending a recent concert. So, of course, as keyboard warriors do – Lovato took to social media to poke the beast. Check out her tweets below:





Oh, lord. See – it took me awhile to open up to Lovato because of situations exactly like this she always puts herself into! I actually quite like her, although I’ve found her to be such a hypocrite throughout the years due to her long lasting feud with Miley Cyrus. I got over it, especially with such amazing songs as her latest hit – Sorry Not Sorry – which she was essentially singing to Hilton. So, this girl who could potentially be the face of anti-bullying, is now reversing the roles? Hmm. Don’t come for me yet, Hilton is even questioning Lovato himself. In the video below, Hilton basically goes on to ask why Lovato is bullying him – while he enjoyed her performance and praised her, he found the budget of the concert to be cheap, leading him to believe she isn’t selling enough concert tickets or music. The shaddeeee! Hilton’s full, pretty funny response is below:



Do you think Lovato is being a bit hypocritical by insulting and almost bullying Hilton? Or, is she just returning karma to someone not well liked with her powerful lyrics? Hmm…

For what it’s worth, I’ll still applaud Lovato’s dedication and love for the LGBTQ community. At the very same concert Hilton was at, she allowed one gay fan to propose to his boyfriend. It’s pretty adorable. Check it out below: