Perez Hilton Outs Sultan of Brunei’s Son

Perez Hilton recently outed one of the Sultan of Brunei’s sons despite the country implementing death by stoning for being gay. Image via

Despite Brunei implementing the death by stoning punishment for homosexuality and adultery, gossip blogger and irresponsible Perez Hilton decided to out the Sultan of Brunei’s second son, Prince Azim, according to Dallas Voice.

He announced the news via a YouTube video when he said “Y’all know I don’t out people anymore. I used to do that back in the day, but I’m making an exception here. I’m guessing the Sultan of Brunei doesn’t know that his son, Prince Azim, is a big old homo.” He goes on to say that he knows this because he has spent some time with him. This is not the first time that Perez Hilton has outed people, as he believed that it was the right thing to do because it is a fact and that it should be reported, ignoring the fact that, I don’t know, some can literally be violently killed for being outed.


Azim has been photographed with many LGBTQ celebrities such as Gus Kenworthy and Caitlyn Jenner and frequently parties with other celebrities where he drinks copious amounts of alcohol, despite alcohol consumption being banned under Islamic law. So he’s gay and drinks alcohol? I can see this quickly becoming a problem in Brunei where he can be whipped and stoned to death. But would a father do that to his own son? I suppose we’ll have to wait and find out.

Back to Perez – what he did was highly insensitive as coming out is a very personal thing to do and he was robbed of that. although I doubt he would have ever come out given the circumstances. It was not his right to out Prince Azim like that, because nobody has the right to out someone else. Was Perez just being stupid or was he fully aware of the potential damage could be inflicted on Prince Azim under Sharia Law? Either way, it was a highly insensitive thing to do.


h/t: Dallas Voice


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14 thoughts on “Perez Hilton Outs Sultan of Brunei’s Son”

  1. If there’s not a law prohibiting this behavior then there needs to be. This needs to be put before our elected leaders and demand they take action. These acts cause loss of life or worse.

  2. Anyone who is LGBTQ will attest that the decision to come out is probably the most difficult decision most of us will ever make in our lives. It’s is a process and when someone goes and outs another person like it’s just an everyday topic, NO MATTER THE EXCUSE, have permanently scarred the outed person. I was outed long before I was ready for anyone to know. Upon learning about what I am, situation between my brother and myself was became permanently destroyed and toxic. My entire life I had no confidence in myself or anything I did. Though she tried to not let me see it, my mother, who I thought walked on water, was deeply hurt, troubled, and worried about the now very real threat I could be physically hurt given we lived in Alabama in the late 1980s. I have long said that when someone is outed by another person, and the person outed is hurt, injured in any way, suffer job loss, or God forbid killed, and it can be directly tracked back to the act being a result of being outed, the person who did the outing should be held CRIMINALLY LIABLE for their actions and it should be classified as a hate crime. What Perez Hilton has done is one of the cruelest, most hateful things that can be done to another person. If the Sultan’s son loses his life because Perez Hilton outed him, Perez Hilton should be tried for murder and if convicted, go to prison.

  3. Hilton is wrong in what he did. But the ball is in the other court. Let’s wait and see what if anything the sultan does. If he murders his own son the world will be outraged, if he does not sharia law may have to be relooked at.

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  5. Why punish someone for having the misfortune of having a homophobic bigot for a father? It is not the prince who came up with with this evil law, but his evil father.
    How many of us have had the bad luck to have hateful, homophobic Jesus Freak parents? We don’t choose who we are born to and neither did the prince.

    • You missed the point. The point is that the anger Perez has is misdirected. He is taking it out on the SON of a dictator, rather than the dictator. I would also point out that up until 2003 homosexuality was a crime in the US. And people do get murdered here for being gay. If Perez has an issue with an unjust law, then he should take it up with the people who have actual legislative power. Merely being someone’s son doesn’t make you responsible for what your FATHER did. Perez should place the blame where it belongs.

  6. Perez what’s his face isn’t relevant anymore. He’s been exposed as a hack and a jackass. If nobody paid attention to him, maybe he’d pack his things and go away.

  7. It’s so very self-centered and privileged of you – placing your own “moral superiority” over the lives that could be saved by forcing the Impotentate of Brunei to back down – to declare that outing is never appropriate. Go stuff yourself.

    • I would argue that my point was that the Sultan isn’t likely to back down. By outing people in a country that has implemented Sharia law you are not saving lives but putting more of them in danger.

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  9. Have none of you heard about fathers who throw acid in their daughters faces for having sex before marriage, or uncles who push their nephews off rooftops for being gay? The money this Prince may have is most likely his family’s money not his. If they cut him off he can’t run to anywhere he chooses. The sultan could and would have him executed. This is irresponsible at best and complicit at worst.

    • Perez Hilton proves once again why he is a disgusting excuse fir a human being. He is as ugly inside as he is outside (yes I’m taking a shot at his looks deal with it). How dare he willingly put someone else’ life in danger on the internet. While The Sultan of Brunie probably knows his son is gay, he would now be looked at by his followers to carry out his new law and execute his own son. If that happens then Perez Hilton is soley respinsible for bringing it to the forefront and should be held accountable. I feel sorry for the kid that Perez is raising……such a nice influence there you ignorant fool.

  10. I think under the circumstances it’s important to hi light the double standards lived by some people. It’s a joke. Let’s see if he lives by his decree! He won’t!!

  11. You article is a total over reaction to Hilton’s video. Azim is one of the richest human beings on earth, and benefits from his monster father. I think hypocrites should be outed…

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  13. I don’t frankly care if such a horrible leader has his own son stoned or killed. Especially since he clearly plans to do the same to all others he feels are deserving. Why not his son? If the Prince in fact is gay or even thinks LGBTQ folks should be respected he could have defined them and or himself.
    I honestly don’t think anyone believes he will harm his own son though.


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