15,000 Attend Pro Gay Marriage Rally In Melbourne

Australia is still working to get marriage equality. In a demonstration of support, more than 15,000 attended a rally in Melbourne. It is one of the largest rallies ever, in support of Gay Marriage in the country.

The rally has been held for the last several years, and ends with a mass wedding of same-sex couples that is only symbolic.

Rather than having parliament vote and make it legal, the country will now mail-in ballots in November to assess the nations views on the topic. The vote will be non-binding with no immediate legal affect. Recent polls have stated that the majority of the country are in support of same sex marriage. 

Proponents of gay marriage, had opposed the delay in vote afraid that the campaigns would get nasty. Sadly, those wo oppose gay marriage have done just that

With a lot of pressure from citizens and even other countries, we are hoping that Australia passes marriage equality soon.

 H/T: Reuters


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