5 More Great Reasons to Date a Big Dude

I had no idea what the reaction would be when I penned a simple and silly article on 5 reasons to date a dude with a belly back in July. That reaction was even bigger when I wrote a piece on why there’s nothing wrong with being husky in the gay world.

Even though there were some negative Nancy’s (to each their own), I was elated at the fact that so many men had a positive reaction to both pieces and understood the concept of them: just enjoy being you and forget about the haters.

I figured it would be fun to find 5 more reasons to date a big dude because they really are endless. Keep in mind that this is something that is meant to be funny/fun and not offend anyone out there. There are bigger battles for us to deal with out there than infighting about a list that is designed to make you giggle if not put a smile on your face.

So, check out 5 more reasons why you should date a dude with size. Who knows, you might pick one up tonight because of it (or they’ll pick you up. Get it? Thanks, I’ll be here all night).

  1. You don’t have to complain about calories around us. We’ll go metaphorically hearing-challenged if you start complaining about that burger.
  2. There’s a lot more land to cover. Why visit a small, boring town when you have a forest of fun in front of you? Get the GPS, honey!
  3. We can lift you up at that concert so you can see the performer better. “Sorry Becky and Cassandra, but Beyonce is so much better up here!”
  4. On the flip side, you have a great lap to sit on while watching a show/movie. No, that’s not the bread that’s hardening.
  5. We kiss really, really well. As someone who has made out with several husky dudes in my life, I can confirm that we know how to put it on ya and make you melt like the M&M’s in your pocket.

Amazing artist Tom Goss has this sort of mindset as his latest song he’s released is an ode to the plus-sized dudes out there. It’s called “Round in All The Right Places” and its dripping with a ton of sexy guys who are padded and sexy to boot.



For more on Tom's music you can follow him on Instagram @tomgossmusic.

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