7 Style Tricks That Hide Man Boobs

Of course most of you will say just go to the gym!  There are no tricks, working out will solve it.  But then there are some that suffer from gynecomastia – a common endocrine disorder in which there is a benign enlargement of breast tissue in males.  The gym won't cure that, but some health insurance will cover surgery costs. 

So if you suffer from afraidofgymitis and are waiting for the transformation to occur because you are sticking with that New Year's resolution, or from lazyassness where going to the gym means parking in front of it but visiting Five Guys Burgers next door, or from the serious gynecomastia, there are some ways to hide being big up there.  MensHealth.com  shares with us 7 ways to hide those man boobs, a.k.a. moobs by altering your wardrobe.

1. Compress Your Problem
A compression shirt made for men is a functional base layer and smart first step toward concealment, Rosenfeld says. Athletic apparel makers offer plenty of not-embarrassing options. Just choose one that’s comfortable enough—read: not too tight—to wear often.  

It seems that all the ads for compression shirts use men that don't seem to have any problems up there.  Companies should show us some good before and after shots and then maybe we would buy their products.  Have any of you tried the compression shirts?  And if so, how often do you wear them?

2. Hide Big Issues with Small Patterns
“Camouflaging the problem area with patterns can definitely work,” Rosenfeld says. But you have to choose those patterns carefully. Rosenfeld suggests small- or medium-scale patterns that don’t feature a lot of color contrast. Think gray-and-black plaids, or small blue checks on a darker blue background.

This seems to be the opposite of "oh look, something shiny!"  Blending in with small prints and it seems the darker the better.  I guess brighter plaids are not the key to hiding things.

3. Think Thick
Wearing thicker fabrics or several layers of clothing is a great way to hide your man boobs if you live in colder climates, Rosenfeld says. But for those in more temperate locations, tightly woven textiles can offer some of the same concealing benefits, he says. Look for shirts that feel slightly rigid and starchy, not feathery or thin. 

The best part of winter?  Sweaters!  Layers and sweaters were always great for hiding imperfections.  This solution isn't one for the men of warmer climates.  The idea of wearing a sweater in Florida does not sound promising.  Big boys sweat enough as it is down here.

4. Find the Right Fit
Don't make the mistake of thinking baggy threads will hide your flaws. “Nothing is worse than putting on a piece of clothing with the intention of trying to camouflage part of your body, only to see that area looking bigger because you’re wearing something that’s too big,” Rosenfeld says. At the same time, too-tight clothing can be just as unsightly (and revealing). A properly fitted shirt is your friend. If you can’t find one off the rack, spending a few bucks on a haberdasher is worth it.

This one seems more like the Goldilocks approach to solving the problem.  Find a shirt not too big, not too small, but just right. We all have some favorite shirts that may make us feel right because they are baggier than others, but how do they look?

5. Turn Down the Contrast
Minimize the color contrast between the upper and lower halves of your body. A dark shirt worn with khaki pants cuts you in half at the waist, making you look shorter and wider. But the same shirt with dark slacks de-emphasizes your waistline and boosts your altitude. “Head-to-toe monochromatic dressing can be as slimming as it is elegant,” Rosenfeld says.

I think I learned this style hint years ago.  Bigger guys in general should heed this, not just men with moobs. Don't cut yourself in half with color.  Leave the color blocking for the smaller chaps.

6. Watch out for White
“When you wear white or light colors, your chest looks even bigger,” Rosenfeld says. He recommends dark or neutral hues. Matching your shirt choices to your eye or hair color won’t make your chest appear smaller, but it’s still sharp-looking, he adds.

Drat!  As mentioned, we all have our favorite shirts.  I'll have to rethink my two favorite white dress shirts and wear the darker hues.

7. Slim Down with Pinstripes
Most suits are naturally slimming because their uniform color and texture "creates an unbroken vertical line from neck to toe," says Mary Lou Andre, editor of DressingWell.com. Narrow pinstripes do this even more efficiently. On the other hand, watch out for suits with large patterns. Windowpane suits and glen plaids are fattening.

This hint is for the suit wearing men and once again could benefit all of us bigger boys.  Not only did I need to look up haberdasher earlier, but I also needed to look up glen plaids.  I'll keep that fabric out of my wardrobe. 


I think all of the suggestions are great for the man that is bigger all over, but suggestions 1-4 are more applicable to the men with moobs.  What has worked for you?  Or is this topic too personal? 

Then again, do you need to hide them?   DO you need to conceal what many seem as an issue.  There are some that may find them attractive.



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  1. When I was 22, I was 5’10 and

    When I was 22, I was 5'10 and 129 lbs.   My boobs were so big I was embarrassed to go to the beach.   I had the surgery to have the excess breast tissue removed.    Insurance paid for it.    It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.    

        • You don’t have to know the
          You don’t have to know the code. Just ask your doctor for the referral and their staff is responsible to know and apply the right one. You should also look into your medications if you’re on something that causes elevated estrogen, and ask your doctor to switch it, but DO NOT stop medications because that could be very dangerous. Doctors don’t always know about the hormonal effects of the medications they prescribe, though most do.

  2. Why is there a fit man

    Why is there a fit man showing this product, let me see a 300lb man in it and then I'll be impressed 

    • Agreed. Trying to shop for
      Agreed. Trying to shop for someone and that picture made me laugh. He’s got like 8% body fat. I agree. Useless photo.


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