A Circuit Music Colleague & Friend Offers A Tribute To The Dearly Departed DJ Michel Mizrahi

The world of circuit music and the artistry of DJ’ing general got a tiny bit less musical this weekend. London based DJ & circuit notable Michel Mizrahi passed away suddenly in Brazil. At press time, reports are that he drowned off the Impanema Beach in Rio de Jeneiro during a boating excursion. 


Michel’s dear friend and colleague Micky Friedmann exclusively shared with me the following;

It is impossible for me to write about Michel in past tense. My heart will never fully adjust to not having him with us anymore. My brain refuses to register the tragic reality of his death. 

Michel’s life motto was to be kind & humble. He believed that if you do good, you’ll receive good, & he religiously followed this motto. He was the kind of friend that was always ready to help & support. Always in a good mood, never complaining. He used to say that every opportunity in life comes in perfect timing, so it’s best to be patient & let things happen naturally. Music was his biggest love. His shelter, his refuge, his peace. He would often send me his new productions to ask for tips & thoughts, & no matter what my critique was, he eagerly listened, ready to make improvements. The hardest thing for me is the sudden, unexpected void. No last words, no goodbye, no closure. My dear friend Michel, Where ever you are right now, I truly hope you can feel my endless love. It is glowing across the sky like a million scattered moons. Please try to find a way to always stay close to us & close to our hearts. Your loving friend, Micky

Friedman indicated that Michel’s body was flown to Israel where he will be buried

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