A Gay Couple Adopting In A Hallmark Christmas Film?

Image via The Christmas House / Image via The Hallmark Channel

Finally, a Hallmark movie with a gay couple at its center!

Last year, the Hallmark television channel was at the heart of controversy over its lack of LGBTQ representation. Several LGBTQ social media users complained about the tv channel, which is considered the home of Holiday programming, not having any films with gay leads or centering on a gay romance. Then, Hallmark later got in trouble for censoring a lesbian wedding advertisement after it was paid to air the commercial.


Now at the start of this year’s holiday season, there are several gay-themed Christmas films on the horizon. From Hulu’s The Happiest Season, to Lifetime’s The Christmas Setup, to Paramount Network’s Dashing in December, and more. And now, Hallmark itself has released the first look of its own gay Christmas movie.

Later tonight, November 22, Hallmark will be premiering The Christmas House starring Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder. The film follows two brothers, Bennett and cast member Robert Buckley, as they return home for the holidays. The two also have the hidden agenda of trying to convince their mother to sell the family home.

While there, Buckley’s character Mike reconnects with a high school sweetheart. As for Bennett’s Brandon, he anxiously awaits, alongside his husband Jake (played by Harder), for confirmation on whether he can adopt his first child. Those three will also be joined by Ana Ayora, Treat Williams, Sharon Lawrence, and Mattia Castrillo in the film.

This movie is set to be as sweet, charming, and familiar as other Christmas films within the genre. But having a gay couple thriving at center stage is something we don’t see too often! We can’t wait to watch it on the Hallmark Channel on November 22 at 9 p.m.

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