A Gay Man Sustained A Broken Leg After Being Attacked At A College Frat Party

A gay man was attacked by several men while at a University of Delaware Frat party.

Rancel Valdez is a former student at the University of Delaware. Valdez was visiting his Alma Mater last week for a joint-hosted event. Two fraternities, Phi Gamma Delta and Kappa Sigma Xi-Lambda, were holding a party off-campus last Friday.

Valdez spent a few hours at the event and then decided to head outside. Valdez stood outside as he waited for a friend to meet him after she went to the bathroom.

That's when Valdez was confronted by a man who demanded that Valdez leave. When Valdez said he wouldn’t because he was waiting on his friend, the man and his friends started calling Valdez homophobic slurs.

“They were just being rude, telling me to leave, calling me names,” Valdez told NBC10.

Valdez responded by lifting his middle finger towards them, which caused one of the men to push Valdez to the ground.

“I got up and pushed them back, and then they all started throwing punches,” Valdez said. “I fell and broke my ankle, and they still kept going until my friend Erica … tried to pull them off. I was literally just walking to their backyard with my friend and then they just targeted me and came towards me.”

Valdez sustained a leg fracture from the attack and is currently recovering. Meanwhile, the University of Delaware is investigating the situation.

Apparently, Phi Gamma Delta is an off-campus fraternity tht isn’t formally recognized by the university, and Kappa Sigma Xi-Lambda is currently suspended for disruptive conduct and alcohol.

University of Delaware President Dennis Assanis said in a released statement:

“This kind of reprehensible behavior is not tolerated at the University of Delaware. We will take all appropriate measures in the student conduct process to ensure any offenders are held accountable for their actions.”

h/t: The UD Review

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