A NY Man’s Junk Is Turning Into Bone

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There are some truly scary health stories out there.

Did you know that a man’s junk can turn into merely bone? While it’s a very rare case, it is possible. There have been 40 published cases of men’s penises turning to bone because of abnormal formations in their endowments or the continued growth of pelvic bones. And unfortunately for one man in the Bronx, it’s happening to him.

According to New York’s CBS Local, doctors at the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center were treating a 63-year-old man who suffered a fall on the pavement and went to the hospital because of knee pain. But, they then discovered there was something much worse happening to him.

“He was walking on the side walk with his cane when he fell onto his buttocks. Shortly thereafter, he started to have a left knee pain,” the doctors reported in the medical journal Urology Case Reports.

After ordering an x-ray to study the New York man’s pelvis, doctors discovered the 63-year-old’s extremely rare condition.

“An extensive, plaque-like calcification along the expected distribution of the penis was evident,” explains the report.

The Bronx doctors then realized that the man was suffering from ossification, or an abnormal formation of bone.

Photo via Urology Case Reports

“Penile ossification remains a relatively rare condition being mentioned in very few journals,” the Bronx doctors said.

Despite it being an extremely rare case and its current incurable status, doctors are able to manage the pain caused by this condition.

“The treatment of penile ossification depends on the extent of corporal ossification and the symptoms of the patient. Asymptomatic patients are usually managed with observation. Those with a bothersome acute pain or chronic mild pain may be managed with oral analgesics, topical agents, intralesional injections, mechanical stretching or vacuum devices, and extracorporeal shockwave therapy.4 Severe cases of chronic pain or ED are usually managed surgically although multiple variations exist. Inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) has been recently reported as a feasible option for cases of refractory ED.”

But unfortunately for the doctors, and the man, the patient decided health experts’ interest in his equipment was too intense to continue. As such, he reportedly left the hospital against medical advice. The man has not since reappeared for a follow-up and is thus walking around New York with a penis that has a strangely developed bone structure. And, it will only get worse from here.

Sources: NY CBS Local, Urology Case Reports

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