Aaron Carter’s Gains 45 Pounds and is Proud of It

It's been a rough go for pop star Aaron Carter over the past couple of months, for multiple reasons.  In early August, he came out of the closet as bisexual on his Twitter page, which was then followed by his then girlfriend Madison Parker breaking up with him. Then, he went back on his bisexuality claims after him doing some performances at some well-known gay bars.  Hold on, there's more. 

Then, in September he decided to go into rehab after reports went out that he was heavily engaged in drugs and was allegedly threatening to harm himself. Back in early October, he shared a photo of his weight gain, where at one point the 6'1 singer and actor weighed only 115 pounds.  The split shot he shared was his gain from that to being 30 pounds heavier, and seemingly happy in his post.  That post has gone down since then, but a new one has emerged showing Aaron looking much healthier from the first.

He has now put on about 45 pounds, up to 160, which is the average and healthy weight for someone his size.  He captions the photo with "This is my before and after pics. 
I went from 115 to 160 pounds in two months I feel amazing. 2018 I’m ready for you!! My new Music is on its way!"  He even changed his hair color to a seafoam green of sorts.

Maybe this upswing in his weight and mindset will allow Aaron to think more clearly in the future, including his real thoughts on his sexuality and so much more.




5 thoughts on “Aaron Carter’s Gains 45 Pounds and is Proud of It”

  1. Trav is typical of the white

    Trav is typical of the white gay "community" – you have to be emaciated in order to look "shredded" and "hot". But hey, maybe it's just a "preference", right? XD

  2. Ok. Why do I think he looks

    Ok. Why do I think he looks much hotter in the older pic. He’s shredded. And those abs! Damn. His body looked better I think. But good on him for getting healthy and hopefully wiser for it. 


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