Adult Film Performer And Go Go Dancer Jimmy Durano Needs Help Paying Form Major Surgeries

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Adult film performer Jimmy Durano of is currently recovering from a visit in the ICU and his loved ones are asking for financial help for when Durano gets out of the hospital.

Durano was recently in a serious accident that sent him to the hospital, an accident so bad that he needed to go through multiple rounds of brain surgery.

After the first round, Durano spent two weeks recovering in the hospital's ICU. During the surgery, doctors had to remove parts of his skull during the surgery. Unfortunately, his head swelled too much for them to continue with more of the operation at the time. Because of his, he’s had to use a helmet, even outside of the hospital, to protect his head while the doctors wait for the swelling to go down.

After he was released and allowed to go home, Durano only took a few moments to realize that something was wrong as he was in great pain and needed to return to the hospital. There, doctors discovered that he had an infection and decided he needed to have a PICC line inserted.

Larry Mendelson, who’s a family friend, started a GoFundMe page to explain more of the situation and to express why Durano needs financial help.

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"'A PICC line is a thin, soft, long catheter (tube) that is inserted into a vein in a arm, leg or neck. The tip of the catheter is positioned in a large vein that carries blood into the heart. The PICC line is used for long-term intravenous (IV) antibiotics, nutrition or medications, and for blood draws.'"

"The insertion of the PICC line required a second surgery and Jimmy is once again in great pain and in the in the ICU. When he is released there will be another very long recovery period. Unfortunately, not all of this is covered by insurance."

"With the multiple surgeries we hope he will be able to work in the future, but for now, he will be laid up for a very long time and the future is unknown. It is expected he will be in recovery for at least an additional 6 months to a year after he is released from the hospital following this second surgery, and will require at least one more surgery and recovery period after that when they replace his skull."

Along with not being able to work, Jimmy Durano will be facing an increase in medical bills and living expenses. As such, Durano, Mendelson, and company are asking others for help in Durano’s time of need.

If you want to help Durano and give even a little bit, you can head over to the GoFundMe page here. So far, 70 people have donated $4,181 all together, but that’s slightly below one-third of the expenses that Durano is currently facing, with still more to come.

Our hearts go out to him and his family during this time.

4 thoughts on “Adult Film Performer And Go Go Dancer Jimmy Durano Needs Help Paying Form Major Surgeries”

  1. My heart goes out to him and

    My heart goes out to him and his family/friends. I know there are millions of patients around the world having similar or even worse conditions. 

    I wish you were over here in the UK so (to a limit) you are supported from birth to death. Maybe Bernie Sanders will get his social policies through sooner rather than later.

    Lets please be supportive of our community especially during these difficult times with Trump like bullies running around.

  2. No one has EVER gone to an

    No one has EVER gone to an ICU because of a PICC line insertion.  Shameful reporting!  He has other issues going on. Don't scare the public!!!

    • I think I understood it as

      I think I understood it as him getting septic and therefore have to be administered with antibiotics in the ICU. In order to do this, a PICC line needs to be inserted.


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