Agent Who Allegedly Groped Actor Terry Crews Won’t be Charged

In October of last year we reported that actor Terry Crews alleged he was sexually assaulted by someone in Hollywood. The following month, Crews discussed the incident on 'Good Morning America' and named Adam Venit, an agent at William Morris Endeavor as his attacker.

This week, prosecutors have decided not to file charges against Venit.

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office said, Venit twice grabbed Crews by the groin, but because there was no contact with his skin, and no restraint involved, the allegations were not a felony.

The news comes nearly one month after Venit responded to Crews’ lawsuit. Venit denied all claims made against him and also said that Crews did not suffer any injury and no sexual conduct took place.

According to a report by TMZ , Venit said he had consumed too much alcohol at the party and claimed the incident was a matter of horseplay. Additionally, he apologized the next day.

The case was sent to the Los Angeles city attorney, who prosecutes misdemeanors. The city attorney's office said Wednesday the statute of limitations for them to prosecute Venit had expired. The event was in February of 2016. Crews did not report the incident until nearly two years later in November of 2017.

Crews, who starred in 2004's "White Chicks" and most recently in Fox's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," has also filed a lawsuit against Venit. Crews claimed in his lawsuit that Venit, Emanuel and other agency executives have since tried to silence him and hurt his career.



"Crews had no choice by to bring this action to protect himself and to stand up for all victims of sexual predators," the suit said. "Through this case, Crews seeks to send a message to all abusers and sexual predators, that, no matter how powerful you are, you can be held accountable for your reprehensible misconduct and so will the companies that cover up your disgusting misdeeds."

Crews is one of several in Hollywood who has alleged sexual misconduct. Although he, along with actors Brendan Fraser and Anthony Rapp, are one of the few men to come forward, we hope that Crew's case being dropped will not deter others from speaking out.

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