Ahhhhhhhnold – The Rapper? Hear His Debut Song And Tell Us How You Like It

Arnold Schwarzenegger – From the Music Video – Pump it Up -Youtube

I’m grappling with conflict as I write this post. You see, a few days ago, my friend Melvin sent me a new song by international recording artist Andreas Gabalier and, wait for it … The Terminator – Governator, himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, Arnold Schwarzenegger sings?” Well, not exactly but kind of, sort of.


Initially, the mere thought of Ahhhhhhhnald resurfacing with a new song just weeks after getting round-housed kicked by a fan at a Mr. Olympia event, was already bizarre enough. However, even more strange, is that now that I’ve heard it, this weird new song, “Pump it Up – The Motivation Song” by Andreas Gabalier and Arnold Schwarzenegger, has actually made its way into my iTunes workout playlist … and I think I love it.

Andreas & Arnold – Pump it Up Music Video-Youtube

On the one hand, “Pump it Up” sounds cheesy and dated, like a theme song to a 1980s movie about a group of suburban young kids who save the world from aliens while riding on their BMX bikes. Then, on the other hand, the song makes me feel like one of those kids, racing through the world, wind on my face, believing I can do and be anything, with the most familiar Austrian accent in the world compelling me to never to stop dreaming and keep going.

Who better a messenger than Arnold Schwarzenegger do deliver such a sentiment. This is a man, the size of a mack truck, who spoke no English and arrived in Hollywood from Austria as a teenager, decidedly to become a Hollywood star. His early attempts at this dream were marred with laughter and ridicule from any effort he made to even form a word in English.

Arnold’s Award Winning Bicep – Pump it up Music Video -Youtube

Through Schwarzenegger’s own devices and ambition, he went on to exemplify what I consider to be the first and most excellent example of personal branding. Starting from nothing, he created a persona so larger than life, and with such a fantastic physique, he could eventually be tapped to carry big budget Hollywood films, saying almost nothing but a slew on oneliners like “I’ll be back.”

Throw in his ultimate mastery of English, albeit still with a thick Austrian accent, Arnold Schwarzenegger became one of the biggest box office stars in history, married a Kennedy, and became the Governor of the third largest state in America.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proven track record on his own accomplishments makes him the perfect motivator to inspire the rest of us. So, if you don’t mind sugary, infomercial music production, and two white guys from Austria with thick accents singing and “rappin” with a dialog that rivals a Tony Robbins self-help cassette (yes cassette), then this song is pretty friggin awesome!

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Hasta La Vista Baby!

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