All The Guy Candy is Pretty Much Gone in the Celebrity Big Brother House

This totally sucks.

The first three contestants voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother USA house happened to be some of the most delicious eye candy in there! Because of this I am canceling my live feeds subscription (just being overly dramatic here folks).

CBB only premiered thirteen days ago and so far its been the men that have been decimated. Anthony Scaramucci, or “The Mooch” was revealed to be a fake houseguest and exited the house on day six.



As far as evictions goes, its been hot guy after hot guy after hot guy. First, Cupcake Wars host (and the lone gay men in there) Jonathan Bennett got evicted after almost winning the first Head of Household. His allegiance to Dina Lohan didn’t help his game out and the other houseguests took note and got him out of there quickly.



Decorated Olympian Ryan Lochte was next. He got backdoored (and not in a good way) after not being nominated pre-veto. He suffered the same fate as Jonathan and was evicted next with only vote for him to stay.



That vote happened to be former Blossom star Joey Lawrence, who received the heave-ho on Saturday night. This time it was a unanimous decision.

Joey’s eviction leaves us with the most infamous houseguest ever, Kato Kaelin, comedian Tom Green and former NFL legend Ricky Williams to look at. Ricky yay, Tom meh, Kato… no comment.

So no more of Joey or Ryan walking around in next to nothing over the next two weeks. How will we ever survive.

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