Alt/Pop Artist Morgxn Imagines ‘A New Way’

Rising indie alt/pop artist Morgxn (image via Facebook)

Alt/pop recording artist Morgxn dropped the full studio version of his song and music video for “A New Way” back in late June (you can view it here), but in this stripped-down, acoustic iteration he reminds us of childhood days gone by as he ruminates on the theme of innocence lost and reframes the storytelling in a winsome, winning way.

I don’t know how I got lost, don’t know how I got caught
I don’t want to feel anxious anymore
And I want to feel like we’re young, want to feel like we’re bold
I don’t want to feel anxious anymore

In “A New Way,” Morgxn mentions two ages – 14 and 19.

Speaking with Billboard, the artist explained that he remembers 14 as “an age where I was wistful and naive.”

(screen capture)

“I played with toys in the bathtub longer than I should ever admit in an interview,” he shared with a laugh. “I wore a Superman cape to school not on Halloween, at an age that is probably not safe to admit either. I felt youthful and that anything was possible.”

Nineteen is memorable in the singer’s life as the first time he was living on his own (“I’m 19 and living on my own, this is f*cking awesome!”). It’s also the period in his life where he realized, “You might be into boys.”

Both ages earned their way into the new song for being times in his life where he “wasn’t so concerned with anything except for living my best life.”

The music video is disarmingly charming in its wistful, pensive remembrance of playing ‘make-believe.’ 

(screen capture)

And the end of the video (featuring Morgxn’s real brother in a cameo), leaving the ‘castle’ as grownups, is touching without jarring the viewer from the nostalgic mood.

The Nashville native is having quite the year having had a top 10 hit with his single “home” featuring the rock band Walk The Moon as well as his acclaimed appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Find more info on the rising indie-pop artist by clicking over to his official website here.

Who wants to help me build a cardboard castle?

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