Anderson Cooper Shades Andy Cohen: ‘Has Aaron Schock Agreed to Be On the Show Yet?’

While making a recent appearance on Watch What Happens, Live, Anderson Cooper shades his best friend Andy Cohen over politics, and the ending result is pretty funny to watch. 

The conversation begins when Cohen admits he’s not ready to support any Democratic candidate for president, because he’s “existentially exhausted by this two years in advance.”

“Is there any part of you that feels like, ‘I can’t believe we’re all so full-throttle on this and it’s two years away?’” Cohen explains to Cooper.

“No. I feel like people have been engaged in ways that they’ve never been engaged over the last two years, whether you’re supporting the administration or not,” Cooper responds. “So I actually think it’s not surprising the level of interest this early on.”

Next, Cooper begins to throw the shade, asking Cohen: “When do you usually pick a candidate?”

Cohen calls out Cooper’s shady behavior: “Now I think you’re being shady to me. I just feel like, I’m still exhausted from the last election.”

Dripping with sarcasm, Cooper responds: “Well you’ve been so deeply involved that it’s gotta be tough every night, you know, to be doing this show in the midst of that.”

“We’re deep in it,” said Cohen.

Cooper doesn’t let it go, and then he brings disgraced politician Aaron Schock, who was recently caught kissing a guy at Coachella, into the banter. 

“Has Aaron Schock agreed to be on the show yet?” asks Cooper.

“Oh, Aaron Schock,” says Cohen. “She has not agreed to be on the show.”

Watch the shady exchange below that begins at around the 9:15 mark:

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