Andy Cohen Gets Asked Just How BIG it Is

The thirst is real for someone who clearly has a thing for Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen

Instagram, which has slowly become the thirstiest of all social media platforms, has developed a new function in the stories portion of their app that allows people to ask random questions to whomever they follow.

Andy, who has been a king of sorts when it comes to asking celebrities awkward and very uncomfortable questions, had the tables turned on him when he answered a variety of Q's while waiting at an airport on Monday.

Inevitably, the questions were going to get dirty (as they have been for many other people who use Instagram), and one follower dared to ask the question that many have wondered: "Have you measured it?"

For this answer, he didn't have to say a word. His face said it all:

Not sure if that gives a clue about what his package is really like, as he's truthfully giving a response that many celebs usually give him after he asks some jaw-dropping questions (cue the "lady pond" one he asked to Oprah Winfrey many years back).

Enjoy the taste of your medicine, Andy… wink wink. 


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