Andy Cohen is Over ‘Top and ‘Bottom’ Labels and Wants You to Know Why

It's fascinating that talking bobble head Andy Cohen is now speaking out on "top and bottom labels being outdated" when he has said that he's a top in numerous interviews over the past couple of years.

The Watch What Happens Live host discussed his all of a sudden type of views with Attitude Magazine, where the Bravo mainstay appears in their October issue.

"I’ve been thinking about the whole bottom/top thing. There’s a lot of bottom-shaming going on," he said. "It’s a question that I’ve been asked and I’ve answered over the years and I feel the question has become out of date, and the reason why is because what defines sex anyway?"

The 50-year-old goes on to talk about how his definition of sex was just about intimacy and how it can be "achieved in many different ways." 

"So, the connotation about being a top or a bottom, I think for the person/the spectator who from the outside, or who can just be looking to make a generalization, it insinuates ‘Who’s the man and who’s the woman?’ which obviously is outdated."

Do you think that the whole top and bottom thing should be left in the past?

What do you think?