Another One: Lady Gaga Debuts ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ From ‘A Star is Born’

Is the soundtrack to A Star is Born eventually becoming a video collection as well? Not that we are complaining, of course. 

Lady Gaga officially released the fourth video from the blockbuster film on Thursday called "Always Remember Us This Way". 

The first music video from it was "Shallow", the duet with Bradley Cooper that made it to the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 recently and is a front runner for Best Original Song at the Oscars next year. The other two that have been released are "I'll Never Love Again" and "Look What I Found". 

Critics are saying that the two of them have helped save the dying breed known as the soundtrack. A Star is Born debuted at number one on several charts across the world, and has become the biggest overall first sales week for a soundtrack in over 3 years in the United States (231,000 album-equivalent units). 

There are a lot of factors that play into why it has become such a success. For one, the promotion for this film started months in advance to where it was included in several trailer reels for a ton of movies that were out over the summer. This allowed audiences to get a first sneak peek at not only the movie itself but some of the music that happened within it. 

You then factor in how much praise A Star is Born got at all the film festivals, plus a very high rating on Rotten Tomatoes (90 percent) and some stellar numbers at the box office ($169 million so far) and it pretty much was a guarantee that the soundtrack would do just as well.

Even with the good ratings and sales, a soundtrack can still do poorly. Gaga and Cooper proved otherwise by coming up with some enormously great material that speaks to their characters in the film. The music critics ate up the soundtrack just like the film ones did by giving it some extraordinarily positive reviews. 

Keep these clips coming guys. 

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