Anthony Edwards Alleged Producer Gary Goddard Molested Him For Years

Emmy nominated actor Anthony Edwards, best known for his role on ER and the movie Top Gun, penned an explosive essay on Medium alleging that Hollywood producer Gary Goddard molested him for years. He published it on Friday morning with the title "Yes Mom, There is Something Wrong."

"I was molested by Goddard, my best friend raped by him- and this went on for years.  The group of us, the gang, stayed quiet," he writes. In the essay, he calls Goddard his mentor, teacher and friend, who his mom asked him when Anthony was 14 if Gary was a pedophile.

"I denied it through tears of complete panic. To face that truth was not an option as my sense of self was completely enmeshed in my gang of five friends who were all led by this sick father figure. I met Goddard when I was 12, and he quickly became a dominant force in my life," Anthony wrote.

"He taught me about the value of acting, respect for friendship, and the importance of studying. Pedophiles prey on the weak. My father, who suffered from undiagnosed PTSD from WWII, was not emotionally available. Everyone has the need to bond, and I was no exception."My vulnerability was exploited."

He does not name the friends, but he does write that he confronted Gary 22 years ago.

"22 years ago, I happened to run into Gary Goddard at an airport. I was able to express my outrage at what he had done. He swore to his remorse and said that he had gotten help. I felt a temporary sense of relief. I say temporary because when Goddard appeared in the press four years ago for alleged sexual abuse, my rage resurfaced."

Gary Goddard was similarly accused in a teen sex lawsuit back in 2014, brought on by Michael Egan, whose case collapsed under his own credibility issues.  Egan went to jail for fraud because of it.

He goes on to discuss how he has learned a lot, and how this is a situation that is more common to men than most people think. "I’ve learned a lot in these last four years. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I’m not alone. One in six men have an abusive sexual experience before they turn 18. Secrecy, shame and fear are the tools of abuse, and it is only by breaking the stigma of childhood sexual abuse that we can heal, change attitudes, and create safer environments for our children."

He finishes with, "I did not go from being a victim to a survivor alone. No one does. I had to ask for help, and I am so grateful that I did."

Gary Goddard has yet to comment on the allegations. 

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  1. Classic abuse. It’s

    Classic abuse. It's unfortunate that statute of limitations prevents kids from seeking compensation for damages. Children can't even grasp the levity of the situation until muck later in life not to mention the abject fear they have to live with. I say take away limitation statues completely. 

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