Apple’s Officially Gay. Well at least its CEO is.

I think we all knew this and we were being the good friend sitting back and saying he'll come out when the time is right.  Something will click and he will share with us who he is. I guess something clicked.  Why did Apple CEO TIm Cook come out as gay now?  Maybe it was jealousy with NPH getting a role on American Horror Story or maybe it was his choice in a risky Halloween costumes that was really going to let the cat out of the bag.  But then again, why does it matter if he is out or not. 

While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me. Business Insider

What I liked about his coming out story was that it was in a Business Magazine. He did not choose Time or Newsweek or Us Weekly.  He came out in a business publication and actually related his being gay to his place in the business world.

Being gay has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with every day. It’s made me more empathetic, which has led to a richer life. It’s been tough and uncomfortable at times, but it has given me the confidence to be myself, to follow my own path, and to rise above adversity and bigotry. It’s also given me the skin of a rhinoceros, which comes in handy when you’re the CEO of Apple. Business Insider

A Bloomberg reporter stated that this is an important occurrence in the business world.  This is the first time that a leader of a fortune 500 company has willingly, by his own choice, come out of the closet.  He has become a role model for business men.  I recommend watching the Bloomberg piece below.

Tim, you didn't have to come out, but you did.  And to that I say, "Welcome to the Family."  But you already were part of the family through your companies support and actions.  This year, I went to one of my favorite cities, Austin, Texas, to celebrate their pride.  One of the main reasons 17 of us went was because a good friend that works for Apple was invited to walk in the Pride parade to represent his company.  Yes, Apple was going to have a presence in the parade and what a presence it was.  Over 3,000 marchers wearing Apple shirts marched down Congress and 4th street.  I think it took them at least 6 minutes to pass us. Thanks Apple for the show of support.
An thanks Tim for being open and honest and sharing a part of yourself.  It sounds like it was a choice you had to make.  If you watched the Bloomberg report, they stated that Cook has two portraits in his office, one of Martin Luther King, Jr and one of Robert  Kennedy.  Cook was reported saying, some times those were inspirational and other times those were a challenge.  I hope Tim realizes his move to come out, however challenging it was, will be an inspiration to others. 

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