Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga’s Single “Rain On Me”- Here’s What We Know…

“Stupid Love” is a certifiable smash hit for Lady Gaga, and the era of Chromatica is poised to be one of her best (and most danceable yet), most likely filled with club bangers galore. While it’s been heavily rumored that G6 (as it was preliminarily called) has collaborations with numerous artists, it’s the potential single with pop princess Ariana Grande that set the internet ablaze earlier today. 

It started with one simple promotional flyer, that quickly made its way onto social media channels everywhere. According to the flyer, the new single “Rain On Me” is headed to airwaves this later this month.

The release date is allegedly anywhere from March 27-29th, but the twitter page bellow indicated that the video will be directed by the legendary film director Robert Rodriguez

The image below (seemingly snapped from an official page) follows up on the info that Rodriguez is directing the video, and adds that hit master Max Martin had a hand in writing the track. As Martin is behind some of Grande’s biggest hits (“Break Free”, “Greedy”), expect infectious lyrics and strong vocals from these two powerhouses. 

Late today, a few bars of the alleged lyrics of “Rain On Me” popped up on-line. While it’s not verified that they’re the accurate lyrics to the sure to be smash single, they’re interesting nonetheless. 

Keep an eye out for Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga’s sure to be epic collaboration “Rain On Me” to be dropping any second.

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