Asa Butterfield Was Liberated By His “Cheeks Out” Scene

Image via Netflix

Is it time for men to get their “cheeks out?”

Last week, Netflix dropped the second season of Sex Education to the excitement of many. And instantly, the show reminded us of its humorous yet cringe-worthy storyline as its main character went on a 3-minute montage of jerking off everywhere he could.


The show catering to sexuality in all its forms during the chaotic and emotional times of adolescence then explored a full season of Otis discovering himself in and outside of the bedroom. And, of course, gave us a gay love triangle with Otis’s best friend Eric. But it’s one particular bedroom shot that got Otis’s actor, Asa Butterfield, feeling more relieved than he ever felt.

Warning: minor spoilers for Sex Education season 2.

This specific scene, which we won’t describe in too much detail, shows Otis laying face down on his bed. Only, he’s recovering from a raging party the night before and has forgotten to cover himself up. This led to his mother, Dr. Jean Millburn played by Gillian Anderson, finding Otis “cheeks out.” If you want to see the image and haven’t checked it out on Netflix yet, our friends over at Cocktails and Cock Talk have you covered.


But what does Asa Butterfield say about the moment? Again, he says he feels liberated by the experience. Specifically, the 22-year-old posted to Twitter, “Feel liberated knowing most of the world can now see my bare a** on their TV. Cheeks out boys it’s 2020.”

So, should 2020 be the year of “cheeks out?” Hopefully so with other actors on Netflix and beyond. But will that actually happen? One can hope.

Sources: Cocktails and Cock Talk

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