Baby Gender Reveal Party Backfires Spectacularly.

Yes, the pic above does give away what happens in the video below, so sue me.  What the pic and the video say is let's think differently and maybe even out of the box and out of the womb.

This is so poetic.

For queer people, gender non-conforming folk, or anyone who despises inane conversations about babies, the idea of a baby gender reveal party can be a problematic one.

Over-emphasising your kid's gender from the womb is so last century, plus gender-neutral baby clothing is way more chic. And yet, the tradition persists.

But the joke's on this couple — looks like they're having a beautiful, bouncing gay baby. Congratulations! And as I told my mum, "It's not a phase!"

Joe and Leela Krummel are the couple in the video. And as Joe recounted to Caters Clips, "Nobody at the party knew the gender, including us.

"But when we saw the multi-coloured balloons we were so disappointed, not only because 30 people were staring at us in confusion but because we couldn't find the card in the bottom that had the gender written on it."

Luckily, the mix-up was rectified by the balloon company and the couple were able to finally reveal the gender of their offspring — with a lovely bunch of blue balloons, being revealed. Blue for boys.

Phew, close call team. –



So would the video have been better if the second box didn't happen?

Was this a fun joke on the part of the balloon company?  Do you think it was a joke at the expense of the LGBT community?

I think this was a fun little activity, but it does make us think about what our children are and will be.  Yes, they can pop out with male, female, both, or no sexual organs.  We see what they are on the outside.  We open the box and have pink or blue balloons float up into the sky and shout with joy, but it may be up to the child, teenager, young adult to figure out what balloons, if any, represent them.  Maybe there will be no new reveal, but we as parents will need to be ready when and if a new gender box pops up in their child's life.





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