Bernie Sanders Considers Presidential Run, Again! 

Bernie Sanders Considers Presidential Run, Again! 

Is He The One To Defeat Trump? 

#HELP! Like most of America – especially more than a handful of the LGBTQ community – I'm a little terrified of Donald Trump running our country. I mean, seriously, where the heck am I supposed to start with the nonsense? Honestly, at this point, I really don't even care he had an affair on his wife with a porn star. It's the mass amount of lies, a revolving door of White House officials, and the whole…starting a nuclear war with Dictators which terrifies me more. We all know recently he banned some Transgender people from joining the Military – which is confusing – and still, the presence of Mike Pence haunts me at night. I may be in an unpopular opinion here, per usual, but I would much rather see Trump in the White House than someone who openly believes the LGBTQ community can be changed with conversion therapy. Either way, it's like choosing between gonorrhea and the clap: Either way, you're screwed. After Hillary Clinton's shocking loss in the 2016 Election: Who could be the person to usurp the Trump Administration?  

According to New York Daily NewsBernie Sanders may be entering the 2020 Presidential Election! Alright, here come your torches and whatnot I'm sure! But, I was definitely more for Sanders than Clinton when the election began and after an embarrassing loss for the Left; are we going to push a familiar face – and one who potentially could've beat Trump in the Electoral College? Sanders represents Independents and gained a plethora of votes for Clinton after his loss. However, some of us who were feeling the bern, didn't follow through with our votes for the Left – or Right. Allegedly, Sanders wants to be fully prepared before he announces his official decision he will be in the running again in two years. Sanders will be 78-years-old should he run: Making him the oldest President ever during their time served.  

Is Sanders the best candidate to represent for the Democratic party come 2020? Is there anyone else the Donkeys are eyeing as we near closer and closer? Please, no celebrities: Oprah Winfrey included. For the love of God, we need a lifeline – and someone who will take the W.  

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3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Considers Presidential Run, Again! ”

  1. Bernie Sanders is our only

    Bernie Sanders is our only real hope at true progress as long as the dems don’t shoot themselves in the foot (or shoot another DNC Leaker, Seth Rich)……. no more Clinton’s or Bush’s or fake people for change! 

  2. These trolls are ridiculous.

    These trolls are ridiculous. Trump just tweeted policies aimed at banning transgender troops THIS week! The West Point marriage comment is factually wrong as well. His administration also blocked approval of a gay judge THIS week. His Vice President is voraciously anti-gay. These other propaganda comments always happen in the middle of the night too… I wonder if the bots from Russia have found this site to try and spread there lies. Trump has not been pro-gay nor has his administration. 

  3. If the Democrats hope to

    If the Democrats hope to defeat Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders is not the answer. I like Sanders and he has some valid points, but he does not have enough skills for President. The Democrats need a vision that is more inclusive of diverse points of view other than those of  the liberal elite  and a plan to govern the country, not just defeat Trump.


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