Bill Cosby Is Tweeting From Prison

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Oprah Winfrey And Gayle King Are Being Called Out By Snoop Dogg And Bill Cosby, Who Is Still Behind Bars

Oh Lord – the latest celebrity drama is so bonkers you’d think you were watching an episode of MTV’s stop-motion claymated Celebrity Death Match. Everyone knows Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are best friends forever and just, well, icons at this point. Everyone loves them and their success is inspiring for anyone willing to work their butts off for it. They’re in one corner. Their opponents? Rap legend and television host (I was actually on his game show in 2018) Snoop Dogg and an unlikely ally… freakin’ Bill Cosby – yes, disgraced convicted sexual predator and defamed television megastar Cosby. Let me catch you up to speed.

Winfrey has taken some hits from the public lately. She tied herself closely to the alleged (for legal purposes) victims of the late Michael Jackson as she interviewed them after the documentary of their sexual molestation allegations in Leaving Neverland. This first upset a lot of people who choose to side with Jackson. Next, she tied herself to a documentary about Def Jam Recordings Chairman Russell Simmons. Simmons was about to have his own documentary ala Surviving R Kelly and the aforementioned Jackson documentary about the numerous sexual assault allegations against him. She has since decided to not be a part of it after a media backlash. Days ago, larger than life Academy Award winning actress, Mo’Nique, came for Winfrey on Instagram. Paraphrasing what she said: Winfrey is happy to demonize Jackson and Simmons, who are African American men, but she has yet to speak out against widely known alleged sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein. Mo’Nique has had issues with Winfrey in the past, with allegations that the O Magazine creator blackballed her from Hollywood after her success in the film Precious. Let’s flash forward to the present:

The media is still speaking of tragic death of basketball God, Kobe Bryant. However, some media outlets are choosing to not focus on his legacy but an allegation against him from seventeen years ago. In 2003, Bryant was taken to court with a sexual assault charge and the case was dismissed as the victim refused to testify. King recently interviewed female basketball juggernaut, Lisa Leslie and asked if she believed Kobe’s sexual assault allegation should harm his reputation. Leslie claimed she doesn’t believe the allegation and she chooses to not remember Bryant for that – especially since she knows him to not be an aggressive individual. Check out their exchange below.

Social media popped off to say the least. The majority is up in arms that Bryant’s family has yet to have time to process their loss before people began burying him. These Keyboard Warriors came hard after King. She eventually replied via social media claiming that her network, CBS, took the most salacious part of her interview with Leslie and strung that all over their platform. Hey, it’s media – clicks, views, and publicity is what pays the bills. But that doesn’t mean someone will come for the network you work for – they will come for you as an individual stirring the pot.

Snoop is now one of the people coming for both Winfrey and King by posting photos of them with Weinstein and a convicted ‘spiritual healer’ Winfrey saw on his social media. He’s basically reiterating what Mo’Nique mentioned. He claims the duo only want to tarnish black men’s reputations but leave white men on a pedestal. He’s encouraging King to interview Weinstein, who is currently facing charges of rape in New York and California. Check out some of his posts below:



Now, Cosby is throwing his hat in the ring – from behind prison bars mind you – in support of Snoop against the female media moguls. Cosby claims black women are being used to tarnish black men even in death. He questions if the pair are in need or ratings, fame, or money. Check out one of his tweets below:

Did anyone else know that they allow smart phones in jail? Or heck, any type of freedom and connection to the outside world?

The drama is unfolding and trust our eyes are glued to the screen. Do you think Snoop, Mo’Nique, and Cosby are justified or are you representing for team Oprah and Gayle?

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  1. Agreed. Michael Jackson was def. not innocent! And I believe the two black women weren’t aware of Weinstein’s crimes when those photos were taken. And on another note, I think Snoop Dog needs to go back to school to learn how to speak proper English. You don’t hear Bill Cosby talking like a moron.


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