Bisexual Chicago Barista Murdered In Pilsen

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A Twenty-Three-Year-Old Barista Was Murdered In Chicago In What May Have Been A Homophobic Attack

Violence has been rampant in the world since the beginning of existence. We’re fighting endless wars globally, throwing punches over a chicken sandwich, being attacked for being gay or lesbian, or remembering our murdered transgender brothers and sisters in an endless circle we’d  swear it’s Groundhog Day. As we already know, LGBTQ persons face mass discrimination, but also some of us live in fear that we’re always going to get mugged or beat up at random simply for being ourselves. This next tragic story makes you wonder if this young man was in the wrong place at the wrong time or if he was targeted for his sexuality.


According to Block Club Chicago,a twenty-three-year old, bisexual, Starbucks Barista, Kenneth Paterimos, was stabbed to death with a box cutter outside of Richard’s Bar in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Paterimos visited the bar with his older brother on Friday, citing it as a local favorite because it was an “older, safer crowd.” Nearing midnight, Paterimos stepped outside for a cigarette when witnesses say a drunken man yelled at homophobic slur at him and proceeded to slash him with a box cutter eight times. After being stabbed, Paterimos stumbled into the bar and fell – his brother witnessed. He was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead from the fatal wounds.

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Paterimos, a proud G’Uncle (gay uncle) is mourned by family and friends who described him as an “old soul”. He had aspirations of opening his own coffee shop where poetry readings would be held and had a stoner sense of humor. His many tattoos represented the city of Chicago and he had a semicolon, representing his struggles with depression. Paterimos’ mother, Diona Bueno, has started a GoFundMe Page to cover funeral expenses for her son. You can donate here.

The attacker was identified as a thirty-year-old man, five-feet eight-inches, with a clean-shaven look who was “looking for a fight” and has military experience. He’s claiming self defense is the reason he attacked Paterimos and was released from prison Sunday evening as Chicago Police are still investigating.


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